Press Release
Setting The Record Straight
June 30, 2020

Gas Media Group (GMG) is a creator-first media company built for the digital age. Founded by creators for creators, GMG witnessed many shortcomings of early multi-channel networks (MCNs) and set out to define a new standard for the future of creator representation. 

GMG has an obligation to protect our client’s rights. We lead by example, setting the industry standard for diligence, service, and prompt payment for all of our rights holders.

As part of this relationship with our partners, we monitor and monetize instances of our client’s intellectual property being used without permission. Our teams consider a number of factors before issuing any copyright claims, including fair use and other third-party rights ownership. We respect creative uses of our client’s IP; that said, some cases have led to misunderstandings within the creator community regarding fair use policy, and we have seen creators publicly express their displeasure with GMG after receiving a claim. When these situations happen, we work to resolve them quickly and fairly, and in some instances, return revenue back to the creator during the dispute process. With piracy and copyright infringement a growing concern on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, our ethos is that creators should be able to control and monetize their content wherever it is used. As a result of our services, creators like Joe Albanese, Michael Le & Paul Bryant have been able to sustain a full-time living from their content.

GMG does not own the IP we represent; rather, we have exclusive agreements in place to protect the material and direct revenue back to the proper rights holders. As such, we are not in a position to assess damages to resolve copyright issues or grant licenses as several posts have suggested. For example, one particular case involved a creator who used a GMG partner’s content without permission, and the GMG partner requested that we offer the infringing uploader a licensing fee to resolve the issue. Although we did not believe this to be the right approach, we respected our partner’s wishes and will always allow our partners to enforce their content ownership rights as they see fit.

To address allegations that were made by individuals claiming ownership in GMG, we have asked for documentation or proof to support these claims but have yet to receive any. The relationship with the individual in question was terminated due to accountability issues as well as for employing tactics that threatened the integrity of our creator community.  Finally, we’d like to be clear that such individuals were paid all funds due to them upon termination.