Gas MEDIA Group

About us

Who we are and what we do

Gas Media Group (GMG) is the next generation network specializing in adding fuel to creators and partners. With Multi-Platform Asset Protection (MAP) at our core, we help artists, creatives, and brands maximize their digital revenue streams and viewership.

Our mission is to fuel to the next wave of audiences and creators by breaking down the traditional barriers and fires standing between them through developing newfound opportunities in technology, partnerships and innovative solutions.

Our story and ethos

Our ethos came about with the explosion of democratized digital media and the need to transparently sustain creator/brand IP with the ever changing industry/audience trends. We aim to change the disruptive barriers often associated with Entertainment/Music industries, and through elimination of the noise – truly, central devotion to creativity becomes seen.

Since our inception, we’ve pioneered industry-first revenue streams to changing the archaic processing of Artist/Creator payments. Our roots are planted in teamwork and advocacy for clients small and large. With our skyscraping media landscape we each participate in daily, we lie at the intersection of technology and media/music. The backbone for our existence is to advocate for the unspoken, the new, or veteran creative. We have witnessed first hand the difficulty is charting the uncharted.